Questions and Answers

Why do we need the Truth Clock according to relative time? We get along great with the

general clock – uniform time.

Correct – in our current reality, we don’t need the Truth Clock. Everything is perfect and one

can add: We would be happy to continue like that without changes and surprises forever.

If this answer satisfies you, it’s unnecessary to continue reading.

If this answer annoys you, we will try to explain the background of the will to switch to the

Truth Clock, it lies in the absolute belief that we are the generation of redemption when

attempts / tasks imposed on us from heaven would eventually lead to the coming of the

Messiah and a significant change in the form of thinking and our world perception.

Agree, but what is the connection to day presentation? Fixed hour or a temporary hour?

It is true that the day stays the same day, the sun rises and sets at the same time both in

general clock and the Truth Clock, but the real change is in the reality presented through the

different “glasses” we wear.

“The general clock glasses are asking us to forget the daily and endless divine providence”

and present a false representation that God left us alone and we, the human beings, need to

act according to the New Testament.

The Truth Clock glasses are intended to eliminate this tendency and create an opening for

the light of Messiah. The messiah is of the whole world, not just of the people of Israel.

OK, but what are the actual benefits of the Truth Clock?

The full answer appears on the Benefits of the Truth Clock page

With all due respect to the Truth Clock, when it will be accepted it will create a “chaos” in

the whole world.

True as well, the purpose of any meaningful change in people and in the world is to

exchange one reality with another, so in every such major process, the first step is shock and

sometimes anger, and after a while when the reality slaps you in the face all starting

cooperate and getting use to it.

Why did you decide to develop this application now?

There is a divine force that pushes and prepares the world for the coming of the messiah.

Some of the activities carried out in secret without the person’s response capability and

some attempts are made openly as attempts/tasks, for the man.

Okay, but seriously, how do you expect to integrate the Truth Clock in Israel and even

more so, in the whole world?

“You are not obligated to complete the work”, our sages said. In other words, you own the

work, a link in an endless chain with all its parts doing the will of the owner. Sometimes out

of will and with knowledge and sometimes without will and opinion.

Actually in the Truth Clock there is nothing new, contemporary technology and knowledge

are perfect to build a time system based on precise temporary time coordinated for the

whole world.

The only thing that is renewed is the desire of Israel and therefore the whole world to act

with God’s will, simply defined as the holy temple operation that acts simply in accordance

with temporary time.

What is the importance of displaying the Hebrew date in numbers?

We are a generation of technology that loves and remembers numbers and their meaning

and to change this improper habit of use months and years according to the Christian

approach, we introduce in the same way and with pride the months and years according to

our people’s tradition.

If so, why do you still show the clock based on the general time?

We chose the way our rabbis thought us, not run head-on and force to achieve change, but

by addition of light, explaining and persuading, “The God is good to do as he wishes” as

written in the thirteen principles of the faith by Maimonides. The first principle on which are

built all the others “I believe with perfect faith that the Creator, blessed be his name, is the

Author and Guide of everything that has been created, and that he alone has made, does

make, and will make all things.”

What is the importance to add the Clock of the Holy Temple?

As said, the ruined temple and the more so its building is the connection between all events

in this world to the Creator of this world. Every detail of it is an expression of that

association. We thought that the availability of the Holy Temple clock, activates and

strengthens the power built on the activities of the temple, and thereby strengthen the

expectation (missing) to its construction right now. We are going to expand more in details

to illustrate activities in the temple with the full cooperation of everyone who would like to

assist in this task.

Finally, why to contribute?

The contribution reflects, in addition to money, the agreement and the sense of


Consent – The Truth Clock the Holy Temple clock as messages are important to us.

Partnership – any user of the Truth Clock application and the more so who convincing his

friends to use it strengthens the people of Israel and bring it closer to its origin. All donations

are welcomed, operates as blessing.

Much work ahead to refine, improve, and give access to the Truth Clock and the Holy

Temple clock that with God’s help we will be able to wear the watch on the wrist and watch

the big clock on the walls of public buildings and synagogues, as well as an alarm clock.

With your help we will rise and succeed.

Thank you,

Hefetz HaUma Association Team